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What’s so good about artificial grass?
Artificial grass is pet-friendly, minimal upkeep required, cutting the lawn is longer necessary, great for children to play on no matter the weather, durable, no more muddy dog paws in winter or grass stains on the kids clothes, no more water logged areas and it’ll look fantastic all year round.

How much does an artificial lawn cost?
In comparison to a natural turf lawn artificial grass initially seems to be the more costly option. But if you take into account all the time you will be devoting to cutting, fertilizing , disposal cost of clippings and edging your lawn then the time and costs really add up over the years. You also have to think about the carbon footprint with all the petrol emissions from your lawn mowing and strimming causes too as well as all the water a lawn requires in the summer months to stay looking green. So long term artificial grass saves you time and money and should be seen as a wise investment freeing up weekends and evenings for the next twenty years and it’s far more affordable to have an artificial lawn installed than you’d think so get in touch to schedule a free site visit today.

How long will my artificial lawn last?
The grass we install is manufactured in Europe, conforms to ISO standards and comes with a ten year manufacturer’s warranty and we provide official documentation validating your warranty with the manufacturer upon installation. We are an approved installer for one of the nation’s most reputable artificial grass suppliers (Quickgrass). We can install any range of grass as we are an independent installer and not tied to any particular company like a franchisee is. The lawns we install will realistically last twenty years plus and we also offer a three year installation warranty on all installations for your peace of mind.

Would it be suitable for my dog and children?
You would clean up after your dog in the conventional way. It’s great for the kids to play on and you don’t need to worry about grass stains or muddy feet….it’s a safe surface they can play on all year round.