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How To Install Artificial Grass

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How to install artificial grass :

 We use a turf lifter, remove the existing turf to a sufficient depth and dispose of it.

Install the weed-proof membrane on top of the soil to separate the sub base from the soil.

Install sub-base retaining edging system with either treated timber or metal edging.

Lay an even layer of type 1 hard-core crushed granite, level it and then compact it to prevent subsidence in the future with a whacker plate compactor.

Lay a blinding of sharp sand and compact with a whacker plate.

Screed the sand to a smooth finish.

Install artificial grass, cut in with a sharp Stanley knife and fix the perimeter every 8 inches with 6 inch fixings.

Where joins are required we will cut back three stitches back on each piece of grass for a smooth and even join. We then use an adhesive to bond the grass join. Joins are never invisible due to the nature of the product but we get them invisible as possible due to our high level of expertise.

The Lawn comes with up to 10 year manufacturer’s U.V warranty and our 2 year workmanship guarantee. We have installed hundreds of artificial lawns over the years so you’re in safe hands with us.