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Artificial Grass Colchester

Artificial Grass Colchester

Artificial Grass Colchester is a growing trend in Essex gardens and Fox Landscape Gardening are considered to be one of the leading names for artificial lawn installation installation in Colchester. Whether you want to hire us for the installation of premium quality astro turf or invest in artificial grass that almost feels like the real thing, it is likely that in Colchester your first point of contact to should be Fox Landscape Gardening.


Artificial Grass ColchesterArtificial lawns and fake grass are presently considered to be a hassle free, more convenient alternative to natural lawns. When having a natural lawn, you may need to spend a considerable amount not only on its installation but also its ongoing maintenance over the years. Furthermore, it requires a lot of care and time before it starts showing results. On the other hand, artificial grass costs very little in comparison and is a one-time investment. Also, it doesn’t need to be looked after as such. Fox Landscape Gardening has made the installation of astro turf or artificial grass more affordable. In comparison to the rest, not only does this artificial grass company offer better services in Colchester, but at a good value price point too. Hence, it makes the installation of artificial lawns all the more affordable.

However, affordability is not the only advantage that artificial grass installers at Fox Landscape Gardening offers. The team of experts at the artificial grass company also gives importance to the parameter of time efficiency. They are as efficient with the installation of artificial grass, as they are in case of responding to their customers.

Fake Grass Colchester

Adopting an all-inclusive approach to ensure the reduction of artificial grass cost as well as the provision of quality products and assistance, it is a fact that the artificial lawns installed by Fox Landscape Gardening can last for over 20 years. As stated earlier, with this artificial grass company at your disposal, artificial lawn installation is truly a one-time investment!

But there is a lot more that you may consider before hiring the services of an artificial grass company in Colchester. Perhaps, the most important consideration that factors into the selection of an artificial grass company is experience. Having more experience implies better expertise of a company at installing fake grass.

So far, Fox Landscape Gardening has to its credit the installation of hundreds of artificial lawns across Essex- a fact that establishes its position as one of the leading artificial grass companies in the area.

All the above stated factors makes Fox Landscape Gardening one of the most widely favoured and recommended names for astro turf or for artificial grass Colchester.

Astro Turf Colchester

Are you interested in investing in artificial lawn or fake grass at your property artificial grass Colchester? Are you looking for a reliable fake grass company in the area? If yes, then Fox Landscape Gardening should be your first point of contact.

Contact our team now and get a quote to have your own artificial lawn installed.


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Mr. Burt

The astro turf has tidied up my muddy and neglected garden nicely. I will be passing on your details to friends and family. Give them a call if you're looking for Artificial Grass in Colchester.

Mr. Burt Colchester May 9, 2016